Introducing a new way

  • For local causes to raise money and support
  • For local businesses to show they care
  • For people to help their favorite cause while they shop


How it works

For people

  • People can download the Vouch! app from iTunes
  • They sign up with their email, Facebook or LinkedIn account and designate the local cause that will receive the GoodCoins they collect.
  • When they go shopping, the app will tell them which nearby businesses have agreed to make a contribution to causes which they can collect with one tap.

For a local cause

  • Local causes sign up for the platform for free.
  • Their name and logo, in addition to a one line description, is included in the menu of non-profits, charities and other community causes and institutions.
  • When people collect a contribution on behalf of the local cause, the GoodCoins are sent directly to them.

For a local business

  • Local businesses sign up to be on the platform, for an advertising fee.
  • They agree that in exchange for the exposure, customer engagement and ability to advertise special offers, they will pay a small amount per click.


... of customers will switch to a brand if they support their favorite cause1

Increases in in-store sales according to studies.

... of customers are more likely to trust you1

1 Cone communications & Duke University / Behavioral Cause study

Customer journey

So, let’s join Jane on her journey!

  • Visiting a shop

    As Jane visits Shop-A’s location, an employee points out the new way she can “vouch” for her favorite cause…

  • She downloads Vouch!

    She registers and feels great as she connects Shop-A and her favorite cause.

  • Vouching for locations

    While with her friends at the mall, she vouches for one of Shop-A’s locations.

    She instantly feels rewarded as she hears and sees the contributions counter moving up and gets a “thank you” message from her favorite cause.

  • Moving forward

    Jane sees Shop-A’s Status Message about an upcoming event they sponsored or a special promotion they are offering.

  • Be Part
    Of The

The app

Welcome screen

Cause selection screen

Cause thank you screen

Feed screen

Get the app

And start making the difference


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